The Culture Industry has become hysterically reformist. It shows nothing but well-being and beauty in every shop window, all sold at the best price; it accuses the ever-present desert of its own system. Culture Industry is a world-view translated into reality – an originally plutocratic world-view that has led to the creation of an autonomous, greedy starvation. This greed longs for the domination of man by his own hand, using the cultural construct, so successful due to its invisibility. Because the entire sum of human interaction, and human relations between one and another are mediated exclusively through the cultural middleman of the spectacle, the Culture Industry becomes the protector of a enduring isolation as well. Materially, the Culture Industry is the expression of estrangement, of alienation between man and man.
In conclusion, the Culture Industry is a "Frankenstein's Beauty", an artificial world-view actualized and gone unbearably wrong, and one that presses all persons into service, consumption, and cerebral sleep.

Frankenstein's Beauty, 2010
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